Physical Therapy is a broad industry term for a movement specialist that is highly trained to evaluate and treat physical injury, disability, and pain.  A Physical Therapist is required to complete an extensive post-graduate program with hands-on clinical experience and pass state and federal certification exams.  There are many sections of physical therapy or specialties–We specialize in orthopedic and sports physical therapy.


When you take that step, whether self-directed or prescribed by a physician, the first appointment with a physical therapist is a combination of self analysis and a thorough examination with special orthopedic tests to help determine the best conservative plan of care.  This process usually takes an hour and can be sped up if the paperwork is filled out online here.


Physical therapy treatment may include but is not limited to exercise, manual techniques to restore tissue extensibility and range of motion, modalities to facilitate healing or mitigate inflammation, and prescribed homework.


All treatment plans are individualized, ensuring that each person’s unique needs are met to promote healing and recovery.  However the goal of most treatment plans are to reduce pain, optimize function, and/or return to sport.  We customize the goals after the examination for mutual interest and realistic expectation based on over 15 years of practice.

Physician Communication

Physical therapy plans are shared with your referring physician unless you are self-directed (Direct Access) and specifically request otherwise.  We send updates at least every 30 days and many times every two weeks to ensure the best integrated care.

Aftercare Program = Individualized post-rehab fitness program

Now that you have finished your physical therapy plan you have a few options to maintain the results that you worked so hard for.  Frequently, physical therapy is terminated before the optimal time frame, particularly for more chronic conditions and those that are more degenerative in nature.

Self Maintenance

We offer an customized home program that is either printed or emailed with pictures and links to video instruction for self-maintenance.

Guided Maintenance

As an extension of the rehabilitation program, we offer a cash-based aftercare program on a limited basis to progress exercise instruction beyond the final therapy appointment.

We use primarily user-defined equipment that tends to fall into the category of functional training.  Small equipment can be much more customized to the client’s needs and some examples are resistance bands, free weights, TRX suspension and Rip Trainer, Halo Trainer, stability balls, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more!

The process is not much different than hiring a personal trainer.  However, the programming is truly individualized and frequent cueing is offered to optimize the training results.

Occupational Injury

At Downtown Physical Therapy & Wellness we have a successful record of returning occupational athletes back to lifting, pushing, pulling, climbing, etc.

We have working relationships with several work comp networks and provide timely updates to the payer and referring medical providers.

Our treatment has a focus on the material and non-material handing job goals and our work conditioning/hardening programs assess movement dysfunction so the patient is less likely to suffer a similar future injury.


Auto Injury

Automobile crashes can be everything from a nuisance to a devastating loss of function and income.  We do everything we can, working with multiple parties, to take the hassle out of recovery and help plan a safe recovery back to the things that you enjoy.

Coming Soon!

Where do you go when you have an orthopedic concern but want to get a work out in?  Frequently, injuries will put a hold on your more active pursuits including getting to the gym or lacing up those running shoes.

Using a template of the body’s normal movement patterns, we have devised programming for a small group environment to provide strength, flexibility, and metabolic conditioning.  Consider this step a careful progression of activity and as a bridge to your more active interests.

There are 3 distinct categories to offer a best fit and only requires a 30 minute screen to help determine which program is best for your goals.

Look for this program to launch in the Fall of 2016!

Return to Life Program

Sometimes the internet and even friends and family can offer bad advice.  If you are dealing with pain or functional limitation, schedule a complimentary screening today.

Free screenings are a brief assessment of movement and musculoskeletal limitations.  We take a look at your injury and make recommendations that may or may not include physical therapy treatment.  To schedule an appointment, please click here.

Complementary Injury Screen

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